Why use Gmail

People often change internet service providers due to cost or location.  In addition, the internet provider's bundled
email and other services are an added value.  However, you do not have to use these email services as there are
some better options.  Companies like Google, Microsoft,  and Apple are not going away anytime soon.  Google, for
example, has built a very impressive ecosystem around its search engine and email service.  With Google's email:


  • You can have multiple email accounts imported into Gmail.
  • Gmail sorts messages by categories (primary, social, forums, promotions).
  • There is calendar integration with email.
  • There is integration with other tools such as google drive (no need for dropbox or ftp services).
  • There are great add-ons such as Boomerang and FullContact.
  • G-mail works on all platforms, Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android.
  • There are no losses of email, calendar, and contacts if a computer or phone dies. 
  • There is better filtering.
Location: Ameila Island Museum  Time: Every Third Thursday of the Month at Noon.  Come Join Us and Learn Gmail!


Location: Fernandina Beach Library

Time: March 25th @ 12:00 pm

Cost: Free

Come Join Us and Learn Gmail!

This one hour workshop uses the email service from Google called Gmail, to introduce you to the basics of email
and specifically how to use it.  Gmail is a Web-based email service which is not dependent on the use of email
software loaded on a personal computer, as does Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. When using Gmail and
other Web-based email platforms, you can access your email from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in
the world.  This workshop shows you how to create Gmail accounts, get an email address and organize your
Gmail account.  You will learn to search for messages, compose, send and reply to messages. Also, you will be able to
attach photos, documents or PDFs to your out-going mail.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to sign up and create your own Gmail account, create a list of
contacts, and send an email. You will become more familiar with the different settings when using Gmail.


We will go over the creators of Gmail and why Gmail is such a good option.
Creating a Gmail account
  • How to create a good password. 
  • What information to use and what not to use. 
  • The importance of having a recovery email address. 
  • What phone number to use. 


How to navigate:
  • Get familiar with the different areas in Gmail.


Email attachments:
  • How to send your amazing photos to friends and family via Gmail.


Why are we doing this?
Many of us in the technology space forget that other people don’t have the time to dive in as deep as we do in the
use of these digital devices and to figure out how to get the most out of them.  We want to share our acquired
knowledge with you, and we, therefore, plan to start from scratch with the basics as to why you should be using
Gmail as your primary email client.